Authentic Taiwanese Dessert Impress

The Hearts of Everyone in the World

Branded Advantages

  • Carefully Selected Ingredients

    Providing natural healthy ingredients and the finest raw materials.

  • Professional Research and Development

    Analyzing consumption patterns of each country and launching innovative products monthly.

  • Global Management

    Dedicated supervisors to monitoring domestic and overseas stores with standardized. Management teams will make regular visits to all stores in the area regularly.

  • Education and Training

    A training program with instructors provides direction throughout the course of opening for business, three stages from basic education, practice to store internship.

  • Domestic and Overseas Logistics

    Perfect global procurement and exclusive logistics system, with full quality checks and transportation.

  • Brand Marketing

    Professional marketing team for brand strategy, media campaigns, store promotion and image design.

  • ISO International Certification

    The central kitchen of our global headquarters has acquired three major international food sanitation and safety certificates. The central kitchen which supplies fresh ingredients for all stores in mainland China,has acquired Jiangsu Province’s Taicang QS certificate.

Licensing process

  • Fill out “Franchise Application Form” Online
  • Preliminary assessment of cooperative partner’s qualifications
  • Cooperative proposal negotiation to reach a consensus -> Arrange for first meeting between two parties
  • Final assessment of cooperative partner qualification and contract negotiation -> Arrange for second meeting between two parties
  • Official contract signing
  • Remittance of brand licensing fee completed
  • Know-how transfer/site condition assessment and recommendation
  • Overall planning, construction recommendation, training and evaluation
  • Soft-opening
  • Official opening
  • Sustainable management


How do I become a partner of Meet Fresh

Thank you very much for your support and interest in the Meet Fresh brand. We hope to collaborate with partners around the world and promote the Meet Fresh brand to the global market. In order to provide you with further information, please fill out the “Franchise Application Form” online and our staff will contact you.

Qualification of franchisee

  • Must possess high level of enthusiasm towards the catering industry, with previous restaurant experience preferred.
  • Be aligned with the management philosophy of Meet Fresh.
  • Possess management skills.
  • Possess an in-house management team (marketing, operation, finance etc.)
  • Knowledge with managing the region and familiar with competitive brands.
  • Possess retail ability.

After I submit my “Franchisee Application Form”, how long will I wait before someone contacts me?

After submitting the complete proposal, the preliminary assessment takes about 3~5 working days, after which our staff will contact you.

What is the franchisee fee for xx area?

We will conduct assessment based on the economic development level, average per capita consumption of the area and some other criteria, thereby stipulating a set franchisee fee for each region.
Please fill out the “Franchise Application Form”. After preliminary distributor qualification assessment, we will start the quotation process.

Investment reserve required

Taking China as an example, the initial capital needed for the first store (100 square meter standard store type) : equipment and machinery around RMB400,000 (including storefront and kitchen), decoration expense around RMB250,000 and other expenses such as personnel, rental and reserve fund etc. We would recommend a total capital is RMB 1 million (the aforementioned amount does not include franchise fee).
For 01 store in Vietnam, we recommend the reserve of first material order is approximately VND 300 – 400 millions, and the reserve of equipment and accessories is approximately VND 600 – 800 millions, while decoration cost varies depending on the size of store and the materials used locally,… We suggest potential franchisees to prepare at least VND 3 billions for the initial capital.

Raw material supply and procurement?

Meet Fresh upholds four major principles:

*Insist on using only the highest-quality & natural ingredients
*Insist on traditional flavors
*Insist on food hygiene & safety
*Insist on cooking, preparing and selling desserts to customers daily

In order to maintain the quality and consistency of store products, all partners must purchase technical raw materials from our headquarters. Under the prerequisite that quality and texture remain unchanged, part of the agricultural products and non-technical raw materials may be purchased locally after confirmation is made with our professional staff.

Franchise Application Form

  1. Recognition and acceptance of terms
  2. I’ve already read the information on “Licensing Process” and “FAQ” and I have filled out the Franchise Application F
  3. The application form is not a contract and does not affect the rights of both parties whatsoever. The data I have provided are treated as internal confidential client details and will be stored and managed adequately.
  4. In order to expedite your store opening process, please make sure to fill in every form below and our dedicated staff will attend to your needs as soon as possible

To register a franchise download form here . Once completed, please send your application via the form next to: